Accent Label Case


Case Labeler APEL50C

The APEL50 Case Labeler is designed for labeling onto erected corrugated boxes.


The APEL50 Case Labeler is designed for labeling onto errected corrugated boxes.
This system is custom built to the application as almost all our equipment is. It can be fitted into the tightest of spaces to accomodate your production environment. This system is independent from any case errector or sealer but can be a great addition to it. Many models of errector don’t allow for sufficient room to place a label head or the practicality of access to the machine is just not there.

With the APEL50 Case Labeler you have the flexibility to have case labeling done right after the case errector, the case taper or anywhere on your floor.

The standard machine is for decorative labels only. With the upgrade to the ALX series of label print engines, you can make this your case print apply system.

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  • Novexx Label Head Model XLS204
  • Wedge Dispense Edge
  • Stepper Driven Motor at 130′ or 40m maximum dispensing speed
  • Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
  • Label Accuracy at dispensing edge +/- 0.5 mm
  • Max. 4″ (101mm) Label Width and 12″ (304.8mm) Supply Roll
  • 3′ long rough top case belt conveyor with Leveling Feet
  • Integrated Support Frame
  • Fully Adjustable Guide Railing


  • Up to 9″ Label height
  • Print Apply via the Novexx ALX series label print applicator
  • Speed Encoder to lock label dispense speed with conveyor speed
  • Hot Stamp Coder
  • Conveyor width and length modification

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