According to the  Label Insight Food Revolution Study, 94% of consumers want to know what’s in their food and its production process before they consume it.

Also, 71% of consumers check for a complete list of ingredients before making a food purchase. 

As a result, they value brands that include complete information on the product label and this is why you should prioritize proper labeling.

But to dominate in this self-conscious consumer market, your food labeling should be accurate.  You can achieve this by investing in the right automated labeler.

There are three factors you should consider when choosing a food labeling machine.

1. Does It Follow Canadian Food Labeling Regulations?

On December 14, 2016, Health Canada published amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) for nutrition labeling.

FDR mandated the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to monitor compliance with a five-year implementation period ending on December 14, 2021.

The published amendments were a step towards prioritizing the consumers’ health by accessing accurate information about the nutritional content of the food they are consuming.

Therefore, you need to understand their regulations before designing your food label and ensure that the labeleryou purchase can print this information accurately.

For example, the table below shows the amendments to the FDR for nutrition labeling which you should follow while printing your product label.


Class Description
Ingredients you have to declare on the product label
  • Specific names of the foods not just generalizations like listing peanut oil instead of oil or plant-based oil
  • Clearly identify the source of ingredients using its common name e.g wheat starch and soy lecithin
  • Prepackaged foods with more than one ingredient should disclose the full list of ingredients
  • Prepackaged foods with any potential allergens present in them
Ingredients you do not have to declare on the product label
  • Prepackaged foods with more than one ingredient like butter, or margarine
  •  Wax coating compounds and other edible protective coatings.
  • Accompanying ingredients whose sole goal is to enhance the flavour during preparation


Complying with these regulations ensures that your consumers have access to meaningful and accurate information about the food they consume.

This helps them make informed decisions.

For instance, foods high in saturated fat, sugar, and sodium should show a visible magnifying glass symbol to draw consumers’ attention.

Similarly, you should display all allergen declarations.

Therefore, the food labeler should be able to handle printing all the above information in English and French as these are the official languages in Canada.

2. Can You Afford it?

Your labeler should print fast, accurately and also be affordable to ensure product quality, regulatory compliance, as well as overall operational efficiency.

While it may be tempting to choose a cheap food labeler, you need to first consider the following before you make a decision:

  • The long-term costs which include maintenance, purchase of spare parts, and any future upgrades.
  • The future growth of your business. Can the labeling machine print fast and accurately to ensure a seamless production flow?
  • The accuracy of label placement to comply with all the set regulations on how and where you should place your label.

3. How Flexible Is the Labeling Machine?

In the food industry, products vary significantly in terms of sizes, shapes and label requirements. Therefore, the food labeler you use should be able to cater to different products efficiently.

So, choose a labeler that you can:

  • Adjust the label applicators
  • Print on various materials like paper, plastic, metal or glass
  • Handle different shapes like round, square, triangle, or irregular to maintain consistency across your product line
  • Print using different label formats like sheet labels and roll labels, heat-transfer labels or self-adhesive
  • Easy changeover between different products and label design to maximize productivity and minimize downtime

Purchase Customized Automated Labeling Equipment

To get the best out of your labeling machine, you need to purchase one that is affordable, high-quality and automated from a reliable supplier.

At Accent Label Automation, we collaborate closely with you to develop a design that satisfies your production requirements and complies with labeling regulations.

Our labelers also employ cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and accuracy, resulting in labels that are well-placed and accurate.

Furthermore, in case of any issue, our customer support is always a call or email away as we strive to provide a smooth experience from consultation to installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Talk to us today for a consultation and let us work with you to provide a solution for your labeling needs so that you can streamline your operations and maximize output.