Different kinds of companies and businesses have different labelling needs. If you’re labeling jars or bottles you’ll require a different kind of machine than if you’re labeling flat envelopes or perhaps small pouches.

If you are a publisher or if you are a distributor of books and magazines, you are in a different category all together. You need a labeler that can gently handle printed materials without damage to their very fragile pages but can get the job done in a timely manner and at a decent price per item. You want a labeler that can move swiftly yet expertly while handling the books and magazines as carefully as you would were you placing the labels on them yourself.

Labelling machines like our APEL40 Top Labeler are ideal for books and magazines as well as for tills, clam shells, and even some uneven surfaces. This top labeler is sturdy and solid and fulfills our goals of offering a labeling option that’s easy for you or your employees to learn to use properly.

The benefits of the APEL40 for book and magazine labeling

At Accent Label Automation, we understand the intricacies of making label makers that offer a quality end result. In order to achieve that, a labeler needs two components that are equally important: a label head and a conveyor, working together seamlessly to produce ideal results. A top labeler can be pushed on an existing conveyor and might just work fine. That’s one option. However, if you connect the label head with the conveyor, you now have a top labeler that is robust, durable, and simple to operate. That’s what most business owners are looking for in a piece of machinery! Something they can rely on that doesn’t break down regularly…and doesn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg.

We build our APEL40 with:

  • Novexx Solutions Label Head Model XLS204
  • Stepper Driven Motor at 130′ or 40m maximum dispensing speed
  • Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
  • Label Accuracy at dispensing edge +/- 0.5 mm
  • 4″ (101mm) Label Width and 12″ (304.8mm) Supply Roll
  • 4′ long 12″ wide Belt Conveyor with Leveling Feet
  • Integrated Support Frame
  • VG Guide Rails with 3 Support Brackets on each side

In addition, we are able to make additions to the standard APEL40 in order to meet the varying needs of our clients, recognizing that one size does not fit all. Add-ons may include:

  • Up to 6″ Label width with the XLS206 label head
  • Up to 9″ Label Width with the XLS209 label head
  • Infeed and out feed integration
  • Hot Stamp Coder or Inkjet Coder
  • Print Applicator
  • Conveyor width and length modification

We can help you make choices

If this is your first foray into purchasing a labeler for books and magazines, the experts at Accent Label Automation can help steer you in the right direction. We can consult with you on the phone or in person and, as such, will be able to assess your needs and determine whether the APEL40 can benefit you and your business and what modifications you might require, if any.

If you’re looking to replace an outdated or defunct label maker for your magazines and books, we will be delighted to demonstrate the benefits of the APEL40 and will offer a tutorial on the installation and use of the machine so that you can properly train your staff to operate it. And, mostly, we’ll show you how efficient your labeling process can become when you use a machine offered by Accent Label Automation.

Many of our clients note that our machines are “game changers” for them and can’t imagine running their business without them. In addition, they praise the support they receive from our company and are quick to note that questions are answered straightaway and problems solved promptly and efficiently whenever they arise.

Furthermore, our clients attest that there are no other similar products available at the price for which Accent Label offers its excellent, hard-working machines. We’re also told by our satisfied customers that labelers like the APEL40 pay for themselves quickly because they make the job of labeling so much easier. And that’s what businesses need!


Need more information about labelling machines for books and magazines? Contact the experts at Accent for a no-obligation consultation by calling 604-495-1997.