Look on the shelves of any store and you’ll discover that products – especially liquids – come in containers of all shapes and sizes. From small bottles that you can put in your pocket to medium-sized plastic or glass containers to extra-large vessels for a variety of liquids – from olive oil to motor oil – there’s a bottle for just about everything. And, no doubt, on each of those bottles there’s a label or two.

F-style bottles are among the largest on the market. They are rectangular in shape and their handle is generally at the top. They are best described as “jugs” and they are often used for industrial products such as cleaning chemicals, lawncare products, motor oils, and powders. The unique design of an F-style bottle makes it very easy to carry, even when contents are heavy, and the fact that the handle is at the top and doesn’t stick out the side means that it’s also easier to store.

Most of these bottles are made of durable plastic, such as a high-density polyethylene. Some brands of F-style bottles have window-view stripes that allow consumers to see the amount of fluid remaining while others have graduated markings that indicate the amount of liquid dispensed or the amount remaining in the bottle.

Labels for F-style bottles

Most F-style bottles have labels on both sides of the bottle. Usually, you’ll find the name of the product, the weight of the product (liters or ounces), and some other preliminary information on the front label. On the back label, you might find ingredients, usage directions, and often the name and contact information for the company that manufactures what’s inside of this F-style bottle.

For those who manufacture products that come to the consumer in an F-style bottle, labelling is very important. The label is a customer’s first exposure to a product, so it’s essential that it looks good and is placed on the product straight and without wrinkles or creases.

To achieve this, labelling machines such as the Model APEL60 are a wise investment. This front and back labelling system applies labels on both sides of the container and does so in an efficient manner.

At Accent Labelling, we build the Model APEL60 with:

  • A Novexx Label Head Model XLS204/6/9 with a stepper Driven Motor at 130′(40m) 100′(30m) or 82′(25m) maximum dispensing speed
  • 2 adjustable Dispense Edges (other choices available)
  • Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
  • Label Accuracy at the dispensing edge of +/- 0.5 mm
  • 8′ long/6″ wide short chain link conveyor with leveling feet
  • A speed encoder to lock all components with label dispense speed
  • A positioning or centering belt
  • A hold-down belt
  • Human Machine Interface Touch Screen technology
  • Integrated Support Frame at 33″+-3″ or custom
  • A fully -adjustable guide railing

Accent Labelling also offers a number of additional options for this machine and can craft a Model APEL60 according to the specific needs of each customer.

Why purchase a labeler for your F-style bottles?

Many small companies choose to “sub out” their labelling needs to larger companies with quick labelling capabilities, but others have determined that purchasing their own labeling machines saves both time and money in the long run.

At Accent Labelling, our machines have been manufactured with quality in mind. That means we’re offering you the latest technology at a cost that can provide even small businesses with a substantial annual savings as compared to hiring someone else to do your labelling work. Simply put, our machines run well and our customers find that they’re pleased with the end result. That’s why many return to us to purchase additional labelling equipment.

In addition, companies of all sizes can save 1000s of man hours when they purchase machines that are as efficient as ours. In most cases, with our labeling machines – including the APEL60 for F-style bottles – a single employee can do the work that might otherwise require 3 or more team members. Many say our machines are “game-changers” for their business.

Accent Labelling also provides our customers with superior customer support including assistance with choosing the right machine for your business, help with regular maintenance, and quick service should you experience a problem with your equipment.

Need more information about our front and back labelling machine for F-style bottles? Call us for a free consultation at 604-495-1997.