It’s easy to slap a label on an envelope, box, bag, or other flat container, but labeling bottles, jars, and round containers is a little more complicated and often requires a machine that can get the job done right…the first time.

If you’re the manufacturer of a product that comes in such a container, you’ve probably figured out just how important it is to get that label wrapped straight and without creases or crinkles. Maybe when you first started your business, when orders were few and didn’t come in consistently, you placed the labels on your bottles, jars, or cans yourself. Chances are they were hard to line up and probably, in the end, didn’t look uniform. After all, it’s hard to “eyeball” such an application.

If you were displeased with the overall look of the labelling, perhaps you’ve searched for an easier way to apply labels…maybe an automated way that may cost more money upfront but will save plenty of cash in the long run, mostly because you’ll have far less waste and will spend far fewer hours on wrapping labels around your containers.

The APEL50 Side Labeling System

Accent Label Automation has developed the APEL50 system for companies that need to tackle placement of labels on any type of round container including bottles, jars, and cans. It’s most often used for full wraps; that is, wrapping labels around the containers so that they meet on the ends. However, this label system is also useful for labels that are to be applied to one side only.

This machine can handle up to a 9-inch label height, so it’s suitable for tall containers, and can also be fitted with a top applicator for lid labelling. The conveyor can handle most any style of upright standing container and can be outfitted with a speed encoder to assure wrinkle free label application.

Who uses a side labeling system?

Any number of different industries can make use of a labeling machine that accommodates all sorts of round containers. Some include:

  • Craft breweries – Craft beers are huge these days and there are many growing craft breweries across the country and in the U.S., especially in the Pacific Northwest. A side labeling machine is ideal for beer makers who enjoy designing fun and interesting labels for their ever-growing inventory of products.
  • Bath products – Do you make soaps, lotions, shampoo, bubble bath? Most of these products are distributed via clear or colored bottles, so purchasing a side labeling system certainly pays off when you’re labeling dozens upon dozens of these bottles each week. Not only will your inventory of cleansing and soothing products look great, but you’ll be able to keep up with growing requests for inventory.
  • Nutritional supplements and other natural products – Growing companies that produce items such as organic or natural vitamins and other supplements could certainly benefit from the APEL50. Labels on these products contain lots of important information and it’s essential for consumers to be able to read those labels with ease.
  • Wine- Aside from what’s inside, there’s nothing more important on a wine bottle than the label that’s stuck on the outside, wrapped around that amazing vintage that may have taken years to produce. It tells you what varietal your drinking, where it’s made, the alcohol content, and – of course – the name of the cellar that produced it. Wine labels can be quite elegant or fun and quirky, and a bottle labeler is necessary for proper placement of those all-important labels.
  • Jar candles – Candle-making is a multi-billion dollar business and continues to grow. Who doesn’t love the beautiful scent of lavender on a summer day or the smell of balsam fir at holiday time? You can enjoy those and hundreds of other scents by just lighting one candle! Jar candles that really catch the eye require colorful labels that adhere to the candle’s round shape and provide a photo that really speaks to the scent. A side labeller can help place those labels accurately.

These are just a few examples of companies and manufacturers that would benefit from the use of a high-tech side labeller for their products. Many more would find such a machine to be both a time and money saver.

If you believe the APEL50 side labeler could help streamline your business, contact Accent Label Automation for more information on the machine and to learn how we can customize it to fit your individual needs.