Look around the supermarket or a local department store and you’ll find scores of products that come in a variety of container types. You’ll see the usual boxes and cans but you’ll also spy common products that are available to purchase tucked within pouches and bags.

Pouches and bags have become increasingly popular in today’s stores, especially for food items such as coffee, nuts, grains, and more. Stand up pouches and bags have become especially popular and, in many cases, reduce the amount of packaging used, allowing us to make a little less of a carbon footprint on the environment.

If you make or market products in these kinds of packages, you might find that labelling pouches and bags can be a little trickier than labelling flat boxes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be costly. Start-up businesses that are peddling products that are packaged this way, as well as established businesses that are transitioning to bags or pouches, can keep the costs down if they find the right labelling machine for their needs.

Finding a pouch labeling machine

With so many items now being sold in stand-up pouches and other similar containers, purchasing a labeler that accommodates that kind of packaging has become a priority for many companies, especially those with high volume businesses but also those that are just getting started.

A labelling machine such as The Pouch Labeler Model APEL40PL can get the job done quickly and at a fraction of the cost of subbing out labeling jobs to other companies that will print the labels for your products and adhere them to your packaging. This particular machine features a pouch loading platform and can apply labels on any flat surface including bags and pouches but also cartons.

Why consider such a machine and others like it? This top-notch model offers not only the best in labelling technology but also perks such as a label counter and missing label detection. Accuracy is also a big deal – especially when you’re just starting out and every penny counts – and this machine is super accurate. After all, you don’t want to waste pouches or bags because labels are put on crookedly or with wrinkles that obscure the printing.

If you’re shopping for a labeler, you’ll also want to check out if the one you’re considering for purchase can adhere labels to both empty and full pouches or bags That’s a huge issue for some companies who will be filling their pouches (or having someone else fill them) before it’s time to stick on the labels.

Of course, pouches, bags, and other soft containers come in a variety of different materials, so it’s essential that the labeler you chose can accommodate everything from classic paper bags to metallic-type containers, canvas or other fabrics, and more. You’ll certainly want your labels to be even and accurate, regardless of what kind of packaging materials you are using.

How do I know which pouch and bag labeler is right for me?

If you’re a labelling machine novice, you’re not going to be able to simply open a catalog or click on a website and choose a labeler. There are likely a number of questions you’ll need to ask before your labelling consultant can recommend the right machine for you, including:

  • How many bags/pouches do I need to label each day? Month? Year?
  • Will this machine accommodate all my labelling needs or will I need different machines for different products or projects?
  • Will this machine save me time and money?
  • What is the warranty on this machine?
  • What is the total cost and are payment terms available?
  • Is operating assistance/instruction available with purchase?

You may have additional questions you’ll need to ask before making a purchase. Write them down and call Accent Labels to speak with one of our labelling experts, who can offer a no-obligation consultation that can lead you to the right machine(s) for your pouch and bag labelling needs.